Setting New Standards in
public service commitment

Security Personnel

Staff Selection:

Our company carries out detailed pre-employment, enquiries to ensure that all personnel are competent and of good character.

  1. All selected personnel involved in. or having access to details of, security duties shall be screened.
  2. A personnel file shall be established for each person subject to screening.
  3. A personal interview shall be conducted to assess the following:
    • The applicant’s ability in respect of reading, writing and verbal communications.
    • The interviewer’s opinion in respect of physical ability, mental ability and applicant’s demeanour.
    • Verification of personal documents, birth certificate, driving licence, passport, service records, etc.
  4. Copies of all relevant documents shall be held on file.
  5. These requirements shall be applied equally to full-lime and to part-time employees and at all levels of seniority, including directors.
  6. A person who is subject to work must have applied for a security licence.
  7. Persons employed for security duties shall not be less than eighteen or normally more than sixty five, years of age. Persons beyond sixty-five years of age shall be required to undergo an annual medical examination to ensure their fitness for the duties to which they may be assigned.
  8. No offer of employment shall be made until the provision of section 3.