Setting New Standards in
public service commitment


  1. The screening period shall not be less thanĀ 5 years or from school leaving.
  2. The full security screening procedures shall be carried out in the case of each employee or director regardless of his previous employment, even if that employment was with another guarding security service.
  3. Screening procedures shall include direct reference to former employers, state institutions, educational authorities, etc, with confirmation by them in writing of a continuous record of the career or history of the person being screened for the whole of the screening period, on a month to month basis.
  4. Our Company shall also obtain at least two written character references from relevant persons with personal knowledge of the applicant, each of which confirms that nothing is known about the person being screened which would reflect adversely upon his suitability for the proposed employment.
  5. All applicants for relevant employment shall be required to provide the following:
    • Details of their career or history during the screening period.
    • The names of at least two persons, who may or may not be former employers, from whom a character reference may be obtained.
    • Details of any caution or conviction for a criminal offence, including motoring offences and pending actions.
    • An acknowledgment that misrepresentation, or failure to disclose material facts, may constitute grounds for dismissal and/or prosecution.
    • Assistance in obtaining a continuous record of written evidence confirming that there is nothing in their background which would reflect adversely upon their suitability for the proposed employment.
    • A signed statement authorising an approach to former employers. State institutions, personal referees, etc. for verification of their career and employment records.