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Mobile Patrols

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Recall security mobile patrols cover a large area of Tipperary:
Clonmel, Cashel, Thurles, Cahir, Fethard, Killenaule, Kilsheelan.                                     We have two patrol vehicles on the road every night and we have one on in the daytime.  All three vans are fitted with C.C.T.V. cameras.

Mobile Patrols

Mobile patrol visits are carried out on a client’s property at irregular intervals. The patrol may entail a check of the perimeter of premises or may require a comprehensive internal investigation. The number of visits per shift will be agreed with the client.

Normal Duties:

  • Housekeeping and patrolling for security
  • Housekeeping and patrolling for safety
  • Housekeeping and patrolling for fire
  • Control room / command and control system duties

Patrolling Objectives

The objective of patrolling premises are as follows:

  • To prevent and detect fire
  • To prevent and detect flooding, fraud and theft.
  • To prevent and detect damage of company property from waste and other causes.
  • To ensure that company rules are being observed.
  • To prevent and detect offences against the company’s interest.
  • To prevents accidents.
  • To prevent all forms of loss.
  • To record and report all findings in the appropriate manner.

Alarm Response and Key-Holding

Recall Security respond to over 300 client alarms in the Tipperary area.

With two mobile patrols on the road, our response time is rapid.

The security officer on duty is expected to react to a number of emergencies including fire alarm, intruder alarm and Panic alarm activations


On discovering an outbreak of fire or receiving a report of an outbreak, security officers should as a minimum comply with the following procedures:

  • Raise the alarm to ensure those at risk are warned of the danger.
  • Inform the fire brigade.
  • Evacuate the area.
  • Fight fire if safe to do so.
  • Secure the area to prevent people entering.
  • Switch air conditioning off.
  • Switch all machinery off but leave lights on.
  • Salvage goods if possible.

Alarm Activation

Comprehensive instructions in respect of alarm activation should be part of assignment instructions. The types of alarms would include fire and intruder systems. The principle points for both would be:

  • Verify type of alarm i.e. fire or intruder, etc.
  • Verify nature of alarm i.e. smoke alarm, hold-up alarm, burglar, etc.
  • Investigate, without any risk to yourself, to ascertain status of premises.
  • Check existing assignment instructions for information as to whether alarm alerts monitoring centre or emergency services automatically, if not inform emergency services and emergency contacts.
  • Ensure a verbal report is made by radio or telephone to control facility.
  • Record details of action taken and response from emergency services and contacts.
  • Make a full written report.


On discovery of a “break-in”, security staff should follow the following guidelines:

  • Retreat to a place of safety and if possible continue to observe the incident.
  • Inform Gardaí immediately.
  • Notify Gardaí if you have touched anything.
  • Inform emergency contacts and control facility.
  • Record details in notebook.
  • Preserve any evidence.
  • Keep passers-by away from the scene.
  • Secure the premises without interfering with evidence.
  • Make full written report.
  • Do not attempt to recklessly tackle intruders. Look, observe and report.