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A system of parking fees restrictions and fines is in place throughout towns and cities in Ireland to ensure that careless parking does not cause obstructions for other motorists, businesses and impinge on the safety of pedestrians.

Most local authorities employ their own traffic wardens to enforce the parking regulations and issue fines. Members of An Garda Siochana (the Irish police force) also have this authority. Your local authority is responsible for creating bye-laws that list places in your town/city where parking fees will be imposed. It also decides the value of parking fees. Before making bye laws that restrict parking, your local authority must consult with the Garda Commissioner and give public notice of its intention to make byelaws that will restrict parking. It may take out advertisements in local newspapers or on local radio, etc. It is also obliged to consider any observations or objections from members of the public that result from that process. Objections or queries can be lodged with your local authority’s traffic division.

Revenue generated from public parking fines is used to cover the costs of operating these services.

Parking laws

The Road Traffic (Traffic and Parking) Regulations 1997 provide for the general regulation and control of traffic pedestrians and parking. The Road Traffic Act, 1994 gives local authorities the power to make bye-laws governing the type of paid parking controls in their areas· e.g. disc parking, pay and display parking, etc. Under the Road Traffic (Signs) Regulations, 1997, local authorities are responsible for authorising regulatory traffic signs and designating areas where parking is restricted or prohibited.

Clamping of vehicles is authorised by the Road Traffic (Immobilisation of Vehicles)

Regulations, 1998 and in extreme cases, the Road Traffic (Removal, Storage and Disposal of Vehicles) Regulations 1983 • 1991 gives power to local authorities to tow away vehicles that have been illegally parked and are causing serious congestion. Section II of the Road Traffic Act 2002 provided for the current system of fixed-charge traffic and parking offences, replacing the previous system of’on the spot’ fine offences.

Parking restrictions

Parking is restricted in certain parts of most towns and cities in Ireland during business hours. Parking information signs on the streets will clearly display the hours that restrictions are in operation. During these hours, you are not allowed to obstruct Clear ways, bus lanes and loading zones. Disabled parking spaces are off limits at all times to all motorists unless you have an appropriate permit. View further information on Parking Permits for Disabled Drivers here.