Setting New Standards in
public service commitment

Basic Guarding

Basic Guarding Skills

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Today’s static security officer is facing challenges greater than ever before

  • Changes that have taken place over the years are vast, principally through the use of technology and the additional requirements and duties of the security officer through legal and insurance requirements, health and safety input


Security officers must be aware of the legislation relating to the Criminal Law, Civil Law,  Discrimination and Health & Safety to name just a few

  • Rising insurance costs, increased violent assaults and increased risk from terrorist attacks are some of the risks handled daily


All our security officers demonstrate at all times their attitude and behaviour that they are disciplined people capable of discharging their responsibilities and obligations to their employer and to society in general

Our staff are well versed in the following:

Verbal Communications

  • Use of Telephone and two-way radio
  • Dealing with management, public or customer on one to one basis
  • Conflict resolution
  • Verbal reporting

Non-verbal communications

  • Use of information and communications equipment
  • Conflict resolution
  • Written reports


  • Teamwork
  • Working to instruction
  • Acting in an emergency